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Executive Director Brodie Cooper

Executive Director
Brodie Cooper

A Note from our Executive Director in response to COVID-19.

Brodie Cooper is the Executive Director of Blast & Cast Men’s Ministries (BCMM). He is an avid saltwater fisherman and redfish tournament angler, bow hunter, and waterfowler. Brodie has been involved with BCMM since 2003 and a part of the volunteer leadership team since 2005. In January of 2015, he responded to God’s calling to serve full time and became the first official BCMM staff member.

His strong background in evangelism began when he led the Campus Crusade for Christ ministry at the University of Houston, and later when he served as a missionary in East Asia and West Africa. It was this missions-minded focus that helped transform BCMM from a men’s retreat to an outreach oriented organization focused on reaching the lost.  In his words, “Being an outdoorsman is a way of life and represents a unique sub-culture, and it’s takes an avid outdoorsman to reach other out outdoorsmen with the truth and hope of the Gospel.”

Outdoor life is a big part of Brodie’s family life as well. When a teacher asked if anyone could name the four seasons of the year, his son politely replied, “There’s duck season, deer season, fishing season … and one more I can’t think of.”  Both of his kids love spending time in the deer blind and regularly participate in youth redfish tournaments.

Brodie lives in Baytown, Texas, with his wife Naomi and their two children, Tim and Emma. He is a member of Rollingbrook Fellowship of Baytown, TX.


Men’s ministry and evangelism are two special passions in Brodie’s life, and he regularly serves as a guest speaker on these topics. If you’d like to invite him to share God’s word at your church or any other special event, please don’t hesitate to contact him at [email protected] or 832-330-8121.


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