Field Staff

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If you’re interested in serving as one of our Field Staff, send an email to Brodie at [email protected].

2020 Ministry Staff

Coastal Texas Region

Craig Cantu

Brodie Cooper

Sean Green

David Holt

Jordan Miller

Rob Purdy

Cody Robertson

Brad Sherman

Lee Wheat

North/East Texas Region

Chris Lucas

Rick Simpson

James Swanzy

Thomas Lyles

Greg Young

Florida Region

Jason Lowe

2020 Field Staff

Coastal Texas Region

Scott Butler

Keith Dyess

Tim Hardy

Jared Langham

Tanner Obeck

Damian Peckenpaugh

Jason Prater

James Ricks

David Ross

Mark Street

Scott Wallace

Brian Williford

North/East Texas Region

Daniel Bowden

Wyatt Franken

James Hancock

Jerrod Hancock

Jason Hanson

Tyler Hartwig

Kevin Seibold

Ben South

John Todd

Mississippi Region

Stephen Baley

North Carolina Region

Brad Smith

2020 Junior Field Staff

Coastal Texas Region

Ethan Cantu

North/East Texas Region

Gage Lucas

Fisher Swanzy

Fisher Seibold