by: Brodie Cooper

“And you will know the truth and the truth will set you free.” ~ John 8:32

We all have different personalities and circumstances and they often shape our interpretation of and response to the world around us, but that doesn’t change the fact that we all live in the same world and in the same reality. Truth – what is real, genuine, factual, and authentic -may be interpreted differently, but its substance isn’t changed based on our interpretation of it. We have the choice to embrace it or avoid it, to confront it head on or to stick our heads in the sand, acknowledge it or pretend it doesn’t exist, adapt to it or fight blindly against it. Eventually, we will all come face to face with truth and we will no longer be able to deny it.

In that day, we will learn that it was never Truth that was holding us back. The Truth never intended to limit us, tame us, or put us in a box. We were the ones that created the box. We used our varying interpretations to make bricks and create walls in order to protect ourselves from the world around us. We propped up our flawed personalities and set them in stone as a window to the world, making them into iron bars that give us a glimpse of the world but ultimately keep us from it. In our effort to create a shelter from a world that we didn’t understand we built what is, in reality, a prison… and we locked ourselves in without the ability to create for ourselves a key. And all along there was Truth, right there alongside us. Watching. Waiting. Holding the keys to the prison that we created, opening our prison doors and pulling back our curtains so that the light can shine in through the iron bars we’ve cemented in.

Freedom is real. Freedom is attainable. Freedom is at our fingertips. We’ve just been in this self-created prison so long that we’ve forgotten what it looks like.