Ending the Endless Pursuit

by: Jason Prater

 “Come to me, all of you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest.”

Matthew 11:28, CSB

It was a windless morning on Sabine Lake, one of those days that don’t come around very often with the water as smooth as a sheet of glass. My friend Byron and I had just exhausted our attempts of top waters and switched to plastics. On my first cast, I hooked into a speckled trout and Byron quickly suggested that I give him one of the plastics I was using, which I gladly did. He made several casts with that plastic, then switched colors and then, again and again, continued switching colors and sizes without a bite. In his words, “I can’t buy a fish this morning.”

For the remainder of the day, I used the same color and size that I had caught my first fish on landing a Redfish, then another, and eventually a Flounder. Although Byron did manage to land a couple of flounder, my count of legal fish to his was now three to one and mine were all caught with the same bait. Byron, on the other hand, used what I believe was just about everything he had in his tackle box.

Like Byron that morning who could never find contentment in a lure, because of our sinful nature we often have a hard time finding contentment in life. We try to fill that void with the things of the world—things that feel good at the time, but are not eternal. Jesus said, “Come to me,” and bring all of our worries, our struggles, our fears, our emptiness, our brokenness, and He alone, “will give us rest.” Because of the sacrifice Christ made on the Cross of Calvary, He alone can fill that empty hole we are all born with. A hole that exists because of our separation from God and can only be filled by accepting Jesus as our Lord and Savior.

What void are you trying to fill with the things of this world?

Are you “weary” of that endless pursuit?

Maybe it’s time for you to accept Jesus for who He says He is and the sacrifice He made so that you can spend eternity with Him in the presence of the Father.

Just to set the record straight, Byron is a very accomplished fisherman and I have a lot to learn from him by way of fishing and his walk with the Lord.

*Today’s blog post author is Jason Prater.

photo credit: -5Nap- 846 via photopin (license)