“Blue-collar Evangelism” Excerpt by Brodie Cooper

Blast & Cast’s very own Executive Director Brodie Cooper was selected to share about his well-practiced method of evangelism in the recently released How to Disciple Men (Short and Sweet): 45 Proven Strategies from Experts on Ministry to Men from BroadStreet Publishing.

Here’s an excerpt from Brodie’s chapter:

As a follower of Jesus, there’s no avoiding His words in Matthew 28:18-20. We are commanded to go and make disciples. It helps me to remember that the men who physically heard Jesus give this commandment were regular guys just like you and me. Men who were not gifted orators and lacked formal education. Men who could not rely on anything that came naturally to them and instead had to rely on the power and movement of the Holy Spirit.

When Jesus gave that command, He did so knowing that effective evangelism requires no special skill or training. It isn’t easy, but God didn’t create us to accomplish easy tasks and He always supplies our needs along the way.

I like to call it blue-collar evangelism. It’s an approach to sharing your faith that requires you to get your hands dirty by caring about people, living life alongside them, continually sharing the gospel as best you can, and investing as much time in them as needed. And, it works.

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