Top Ten Reasons…

Top 10 reasons to sign up for the fishing trip on Lake Proctor in late April…

1. It’s extremely kid-friendly – I’d say this is the MOST kid-friendly event that we put on all year. If a dad and a kid had to choose between one of our coastal events and this one, I’d point them to Lake Proctor hands down.

2. It’s cheaper – This event is cheaper than most of our other events. Teens and adults are $150, kids under 12 are only $75, and boat owners bringing boats only $100. That includes your lodging, meals, fishing, shirts, etc.

3. The fishing is great – Last year we got sick and tired of cleaning fish on the same weekend. If the weather is even decent, expect the crappie and white bass to pay a toll.

4. The fishing is easy – This is a great event for a brand new angler that wants to learn how to fish. It’s not complicated and great for new folks and kids to get involved.

5. Bass boat friendly – We hear from boat owners all the time that want to volunteer their boats, but don’t want to put a bass boat in the water at the coast. Well, here’s your chance to run some fresh water.

6. Crawfish – We have a crawfish boil that Saturday!

7. Rob Purdy – Rob Purdy will be serving as our keynote speaker at this event, which hasn’t happened yet in North Texas. If you haven’t been to an event to hear him speak, you’ll want to make this one.

8. It’s a meat haul – Stocked freezers are not only welcomed but encouraged! No catch and release or trophy fishing on this trip, just white bass and crappie to take home, filet, and enjoy with your friends and family.

9. Good friends, both new and old – This event is as down to earth as they come. Devotions and discussions take place around the campfire, the fishing is relaxed and fun, and relationships are formed in the great outdoors. The kids all leave these events best friends.

10. Grilled honeybuns – Lifechanging. Enough said.

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