The Vision

The Vision2018-09-26T14:44:34+00:00

Our overall vision is to use our God given spiritual gifts and love for the outdoors to share the truth of Jesus with outdoorsmen and change the way that American Christians view and participate in evangelism and missions.

Our short term goals:

  • Develop and host at least four major events annually.
  • Train volunteers to host small events with a regional focus.
  • Develop strategic partnerships with local churches, businesses, and families.
  • Establish an annual fundraising banquet for members of BCMM and their families.
  • Extend outreach events to include outdoors pursuits like archery hunting and bass fishing.

Our long term goals:

  • Provide every outdoorsman with the opportunity to attend a Blast & Cast Men’s Ministry sponsored event without a waiting list.
  • Reach outdoorsmen outside of the state of Texas.
  • Introduce foreign missions opportunities for our volunteers and church partners.
  • Develop and distribute curriculum to help local churches train and send their members to the local, state and foreign mission field.