The Successful Outdoorsman – Teaser

Pyle Ranch

Starting next week, we’ll be systematically releasing a 5 video series of devotions that were shot while bow hunting the Pyle Ranch outside of Livingston, TX. Jordan and I have been working on this series since December and we’re excited to get these devotions out for everyone to see. We put this teaser video together to help get you as excited as we are to see them!

This was a new challenge for us and we had to learn on the fly. We had to pick trees differently, set stands differently, and just plain think differently as we approached the ranch more to get quality video than to make a kill. We had several kill opportunities that we passed on because we were getting great video and we wanted to be good stewards of the opportunity on such a beautiful piece of property. It was a fun learning process! Dwight and his wife Sharon were incredibly gracious hosts while we were there and I’m incredibly thankful for their friendship and support.

Hopefully, this effort opens new doors for the ministry in the future, and I pray that the devotions make an immediate impact on each of your lives.