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November 20 @ 2:00 pm - November 21 @ 8:00 pm

The application period for the boy’s hunt has ended.

We will be hosting two youth deer hunts out of the Proctor Lake Lodge.  The hunts will be conducted in conjunction with the Army Corps of Engineers to help reduce the population of whitetail deer on the Corps controlled parks land surrounding Lake Proctor.  The hunt will be free for youth hunters and their parent/guardian, and youth hunters will be selected via an application process.

Purpose: To build meaningful relationships with other outdoorsmen for the purpose of leading them to, or back to, Jesus Christ, while simultaneously assisting the Army Corps of Engineers with whitetail population reduction efforts and providing youth an opportunity to hunt.

Dates:  Hunts will take place November 20-22 (boys only) and December 4-6 (girls only).  Check in, safety orientation, and range test will occur on Friday evening so all participants must check in by 2pm on Friday.  Hunting will take place on Saturday with an optional hunt on Sunday for youth who did not harvest an animal on Saturday.

Lodging:  Lodging will not be provided this year due to extenuating circumstances.  Obtaining local lodging will be the responsibility of each participant.  Lodging options are available in Comanche, TX (we recommend the Best Western).

Meals:  Meals will be provided.  Drinks and snacks will be available in limited amounts.  It’s recommended that participants pack their favorite soft drinks and blind snacks.

Hunting:  All hunting will take place on land owned and operated by the Army Corps of Engineers surrounding Lake Proctor.  Park staff will be on hand to aid in transportation to and from hunting locations.  Plan to hunt Saturday morning and evening.  Youth that do not harvest an animal may have the option to hunt on Sunday morning, but space will be limited.


  • Youth aged 7-17 are eligible, and only youth may harvest game.  A parent or guardian must attend with the youth hunter, and both parent and youth must have a valid TPWD hunting license.   A chaperone can be provided to hunt with and teach the parent and youth throughout the weekend if requested.
  • Scoped centerfire rifles only. .243 caliber minimum. No archery and no shotguns.
  • All youth hunters must successfully pass a range test prior to hunting. Each youth must be capable of consistently hitting a paper plate at 100 yards to participate.  Decision of the Range Boss to pass/fail is final.  Please sight in your rifle and have your youth hunter practice prior to the event.
  • All rules and regulations for Texas Parks & Wildlife (Comanche County) apply. It is suggested that you read all county regulations and download the TPWD app (https://tpwd.texas.gov/regulations/outdoor-annual/app/) prior to the hunt.  Youth hunters, guardians, and chaperones should familiarize themselves with antler restrictions.
  • All guns around camp must remain unloaded, in a gun case, and inside a locked vehicle at all times. No guns inside the lodge or out in camp area. During transport to and from hunting locations, all guns must be kept unloaded with action open at all times. No guns should be loaded until the vehicle dropping off is out of sight.  Guns should be unloaded with action open at least ten minutes before arranged pick up times.
  • Both parent and youth must wear a hunter orange cap and vest at all times in the field.
  • Hunters/parents are encouraged to mark where an animal was shot, but may not leave sight of the blind or trail a wounded animal without the assistance of a chaperone or park staff member.
  • Gutting your harvested animal at or near your hunting area will not be allowed. There will be a designated area to process game at the Proctor Lake Lodge.
  • Hunters/parents must field dress and quarter their own animals.  Volunteers will be present to assist anyone that does not know how.
  • No consumption of alcoholic beverages allowed before or during hunting hours. Drinking will be allowed after hunting at camp with moderation. Drunkenness will not be tolerated.
  • BE YOURSELF…please do not be someone you are not.

Freebies/Door prizes:  Each youth at the event will receive a t-shirt and be eligible for door prizes.

Donations:  Donations and sponsorships are tax deductible!  Since this is a free event, all costs associated are being covered by donations. We are currently seeking individual, corporate, and church partnerships to assist in our effort to reach outdoorsmen.  Financial and merchandise donations are accepted.  Please contact Greg Young at [email protected] for more information.

What to bring:  

  1. Valid Texas hunting license (for both guardian and youth hunters) with hunter’s education requirements.
  2. .243 minimum caliber scoped centerfire rifle with at least one full box of ammunition
  3. Hunter orange vest/cap for both guardian and youth hunter
  4. Soft drinks and snacks for the blind
  5. Appropriate clothing for both warm and cold weather sits. It’s Texas, so we could see both.
  6. Black or blue pen to fill out deer tags, string or zip ties to attach them
  7. Freshly sharpened knife for field dressing and cleaning
  8. Large ice chest and at least 2 bags of ice (bags of ice are available at Lodge $3 per bag)
  9. Positive attitude, willingness to make it work, and a desire to help other youth hunters have an enjoyable and memorable weekend.
  10. Optional – bring only if you have already: stools/chairs, shooting sticks, thermocell, and any hunting gear you think may help you or others.

Contact info:  The event chairman is Greg Young.  If you need information prior to the event please contact Greg via e-mail at [email protected].  If you need assistance on the road or during the event, please contact him via phone.  We recommend that park staff, chaperones, and their hunters exchange cell phone numbers at the event to stay in contact.

Applications: Completion of the application should not be considered entry into the hunt!  Selected applicants will be notified via personal e-mail or telephone at least 2 weeks prior to the hunt.